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Kala's Cakes Welcomes You

Freshly Baked Goodness

You Just Can’t Resist

That Also Does Good

Pay It Forward

Make Some Smile & Support the NHS
Cup of Tea

Do something nice for someone or treat yourself!

 How it works:

  1.  Assess if you or someone you know could do with cheering up or a treat.

  2. Place an order, add a note and we'll deliver. 

  3. Ring them up after and have a virtual afternoon tea & cupcake - chat.

  4. Part of sales will go toward supporting Frimley Park Hospital and help support the NHS.

  5. I will be delivering cupcakes to the nurses and doctors at Frimley Park Hospital.


Due to our current status all food will be prepared with gloves and masks on. 

You will also receive a text to say your item has arrived.

About Me

Who I am and what I do

I am an eleven year old girl and I have been baking with my mother for about five years or so.
I am a very confident cook and my cakes and cupcakes come out extraordinarily.

The best part about my business is that I can whip up a batch of cakes in a matter of hours.
My cakes will burst into an explosion of flavour the moment you bite into them


More about why I'm helping the NHS and Frimley Hospital below ...


Thanks for submitting!

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